"Ghosties and ghoulies on the prowl "

Ghosties and ghoulies on the prowl on All Hallows Eve, ready to steal away the innocent, and punish the guilty. Old scores settled in the dead of night, by demons and lost souls who have slipped through the divide between our world and the mystical.

Books are magical things when you let your imagination run riot, as you take in the sights and sounds, and even the smells of a story. The Halloween season is one of the greatest times of all to make use of all of those senses, and ingest everything a story can bring you.

You don’t need Hollywood’s multi-million-dollar blockbusters to scare you at Halloween. All you need is a well-written story, a storytellers magical voice, and an imagination to go with it, and all your fears will come true

Tonight's stories take place on THE night itself...

Bored one Halloween night, two couples follow a map from an old book of ghost stories to an abandoned nineteenth century church. To their horror, the book left out a few key details.

The King was dimly aware that he’d once had another name, but that no longer mattered. He’d arrived at last, to rule over his realm with his witch-queen at his side. Starting from tonight, time would be obsolete and useless; it would always be “Midnight on Halloween”, and the world would always belong to the October creatures.

Book: Collected Halloween Horror Shorts Authors: Kevin J. Kennedy Book: Walking After Midnight Author: Evan Camby

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