THURSDAY October 18th at 7pm: DOORBELLS AT DUSK - Halloween Tales

"Carve your pumpkins and turn on the porch light"
Halloween Tales

Halloween frights begin with the sound of… Doorbells at Dusk.

Dusk is when trick or treating begins, join us tonight and enter the world of Halloween chills that is "Doorbells at Dusk", watch out for those trick or treaters.....they could just be harmless, innocent children, out for a night of fun and candy, or they could be monsters, intent on possessing you, attacking you, or invading your home, never to leave! As we stroll further along, and notice the neat, lifelike Halloween decorations in the yard of the most enthusiastic Halloween lover, do those decorations look a bit too.....lifelike....or, is the late hour just playing tricks on your mind? Does that wicked carved jack o lantern seem to be speaking to you, putting murderously evil thoughts in your mind, or are you just getting a little TOO much into the spirit of the season? Does that scarecrow on the next porch appear a bit too lifelike, or have you watched one too many horror movies? And what's the matter with that huge mansion at the end of the street, the one with no Halloween decorations whatsoever, that, as a matter of fact, appears completely deserted? Dare you ring the doorbell, or should you be satisfied with your bounty of Halloween goodies? If you want the answers to these, as well as many more, disturbing questions.. Join us at The Seanchai Library!

Tonight's stories take place on THE night itself...

Gus wonders why no one else sees the monsters coming to his door.

Halloween enthusiast Shelley decorates and buys candy for the big night, hoping for lots of Trick-or-Treaters, but she quickly learns the meaning of the phrase "Be careful what you wish for."

Book: Doorbells At Dusk Authors: Evans Light, and others Book: Walking After Midnight Author: Evan Camby

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