SUNDAY, August 12th at 1:30pm: TEA TIME on The Orient Express ~ The Conclusion

In a special 90 minute Finale . . . 

“You do not understand,” Poirot said. “You do not understand at all. Tell me, do you know who killed Ratchett?”
“Do you?” countered M. Bouc.
Poirot nodded.
“Oh, yes,” he said. “I have known for some time. It is so clear that I wonder you have not seen it also.” He looked at Hardman and asked, “And you?”
The detective shook his head. He stared at Poirot curiously.
“I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t know at all. Which of them was it?”
Poirot was silent a minute. Then he said:

“If you will be so good, M. Hardman, assemble everyone here. There are two possible solutions of this case. I want to lay them both before you all.”

Poirot solves this incredible mystery, as Murder on the Orient Express concludes, live in voice.

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