THURSDAY July 12th at 7pm: Monsters & Myths - PROCRUSTES pt2

"human friendship, crafty planning, murderous intentions"
Monsters & Myths - PROCRUSTES

Procrustes is the most infamous of those monstrous brigands who made life miserable for travelers along the mountain road from Troezen to Athens. He kept an inn in which there was a special bedchamber with a very special bed. Guests who sought repose there found themselves shackled to the bed frame. He stretches the victim if he is too short, or lops off his feet or head if too long. Procrustes acts in cahoots with his three sons, each of whom practices his own peculiar form of banditry along the mountain road. High adventure, cunning, and suspense are at play when the young hero Theseus is challenged to combat this family of ogres and rid the road forever of their murderous deeds. Here is a stirring tale of youthful confidence and bravery, human friendship, crafty planning, murderous intentions, and sworn vengeance within the turbulent world of myth occupied by heroes, gods, and monsters.

Book: Procrustes Author: Bernard Evslin

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