SUNDAY, July 22nd at NOON*: TEA TIME on The Orient Express continues

It has been a tough night for The Orient Express in the Fruška Gora mountains between Vincovci and Brod. First, the train has become stranded in snow. The second is the discovery that Ratchett’s fears about his safety were correct: his has been murdered in his cabin. But who is responsible?

With nowhere to go until assistance for the stricken locomotive arrives, Poirot sets out to discover – did someone board the train in secret to put an end to Ratchett, or was one of his fellow passengers in fact the murderer? And what of Ratchett himself? Was he really all he seemed?

Poirot examines clues, collects evidence, and interviews passengers as Episode 3 of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express continues.

Seanchai Library & Friends, live in voice. 

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