TUESDAY, September 20th at 7pm: The Conclusion of THE OLD COUNTRY

Faerie Maven-Pralou concludes a reading of Mordecai Gerstein‘s 2005 novel of shape-shifting, magic, war, and discovery.

“So this is what it’s like to have fingers,” the girl laughed, and pointed the bow at Gisella. “How does the world look from the other side of the crossbow?”
And so it is that Gisella learns the truth in the warning never look too long into the eyes of a foxas she finds herself trapped in the fox’s body, as the fox makes off with her own. But such is the way of things in the Old Country, where “all the fairy tales come from, where there was magic – and there was war.”
Now she must cross a country torn by war, encountering magic, bloodshed and more as she seeks to find her own body and stare once again into the eyes of the fox possessing it, and so reclaim it. But such are her experiences in crossing the ravaged land, that once she finds her body, she faces a surprising revelation and choice about her own nature. (summary text courtesy of Inara Pey)

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