TUESDAY, July 5th at 7pm: More from TRIGGER WARNINGS

Corwyn Allen continues to share selections from multiple award winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman, who returns to dazzle, captivate, haunt, and entertain with his third collection of short fiction following Smoke and Mirrors and Fragile Things: TRIGGER WARNING:Short Fictions and Disturbances

"Gaiman draws power not just from his storytelling gifts but also from his ability to work the crowd. He’s like a conjurer who shows us how the magic trick is worked, joins us in laughing at its transparency and simplicity, and makes us believe in it anyway. There are no real monsters, he assures us, only half-forgotten fears we have clad in ill-fitting masks (in one of these stories, a paper Maggie Thatcher mask). All the while we wait eagerly for Gaiman to pull off the masks, so we can see the familiar glitter of their eyes."

~ Andrew O'Hehir of The New York Times, March 3, 2015
Live, in voice.

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