THURSDAY, July 28th at 7PM: CHRISTMAS IN JULY - Christmasville

Everyone loves Christmas. But Christmas time is not a year-round thing...or is it?

In a town nestled between magic and miracle, dream and deja vu, Mary Jane Higgins embarks on a series of perilous journeys, determined to resolve the enigma of Christmasville. Although it's forbidden, she crosses train tracks, approaches the bottomless abyss, travels through a wilderness that "operates according to a different set of rules."

"Christmasville" is a trilogy (plus one) work by Michael Dutton. Tonight Shandon will introduce us to this series.

Author: Michael Dutton
ISBN: 978-0978665500


Don't Forget!  SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT follows at 9pm with Finn Zeddmore
Late night Sci-Fi Adventures await you, so get comfy!

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