WEDNESDAY, January 28th at 7pm: More from BEGGAR'S DAY - BOOK TWO: THE CAGED KING

The plot thickens.  It positively bubbles up, splashes over on your shoes, and puddles here and there on the ground - brimming with intrigue and adventure.  Will Prince Larry survive? Will Maddie find a way out of the conundrum SHE is in?  And how is Cruith going to cope with Willy's confounded wagon? And Percy - he's not out of this yet.  Nor have we learned the fate of King Monaghan.

Caledonia continues with MJ McGalliard's newest adventure in the Kingdom of Gallaway.  Vikings, hidden illnesses, ancient family squabbles and unplanned pregnancy are but a few of the changes in Gallaway. Whatever happens—Gallaway will never be the same. 

Presented live in voice.

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