WEDNESDAY, January 21st at 7pm: BEGGAR'S DAY - BOOK TWO Continues!

Vikings, and wagons, and infants, and apples, and horses - OH MY!

As if that weren't enough... there's the possibility of total annihilation, and a King who seems to be severely challenged now that, after 25 years, he is rightly King once more.  He "drifts."  Not a good skill set for a monarch.

Whatever happens-Gallaway will never be the same. Caledonia continues with selections from the next book, just released, in author MJ McGalliard's "Beggar's Day" Series.

"The story itself was a journey which twisted and turned with delightful and surprising regularity. Whether it was the improbable relationship between a King and his chickens, or the wry commentary of the noble steed, BEGGAR'S DAY is delightfully original, delivering everything you might desire from such an adventure and much more.

Mr. McGalliard's writing is clever, filled with wit and good-humor." (Reader Review of Beggar's Day Book One)

Presented Live in voice.

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