HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all our Friends and Family!

Seanchai Library isn't just one thing It is not just good books, worthy causes, committed readers, engaged guests, great stories, fun fellowship.  Seanchai Library is all those things.

When Derry McMahon founded the library (first as the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center) in 2008 she founded it on the simple idea that "avatars don't read books" but that the people behind them love good stories.  From that simple beginning flourished something that grew beyond the essential origin.  Thank you Derry, for having the conviction and the commitment to create something unique and dynamic that has lasted in the virtual world nearly five years ("forever" in the virtual world!).  Thank you to all our friends and family, because all that also happened because of YOU ~ your delight and passion for good stories.

Thank you for sharing the stories with us, and making our unique little library a happy, joyous home where stories come to life in Second Life.  Happy Holidays, whichever you celebrate, and a 2013 filled with bright possibilities.

~ Your Friends at Seanchai Library

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