Dave Cooks The Turkey

180˚ C, 40 minutes per kilo, baste every 20 minutes or so…. sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Dave is back at it again. Overcome by guilt and enthusiasm — a dangerous combination for anyone — Dave offers to help his wife Morley make Christmas this year, unwisely volunteering to cook the turkey this year. 
Dave owns the world’s smallest record store, where the motto is “We may not be big but we're small.” Dave is frequently neurotic and prone to small accidents and mishaps … oh, let’s face it, some earthshakingly big mishaps too.

Ever since the year Dave first cooked the turkey, back in 1996, the story has become an annual tradition on the CBC’s The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean.

Story in voice, authored by Stuart McLean, presented by Bear Silvershade.

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