WEDNESDAY, Feb 8 @ 7pm: "Secrets of the Magic Ring"

When Paul finds a box stuck in the hole dug for his backyard swimming pool, the only thing he knows for certain is he has to get it out.  He is shocked by the sudden arrival of a strange boy named Henry who demands Paul hand over his newfound treasure. Pauls dog scares off the intruder, leaving Paul to discover the contents of the box: a ring with directions for making wishes. In part II, Paul's Aunt Vickie wears the ring for the afternoon and discovers, being afraid of the water for years, that she can swim.  She looses it in the bottom of the pool, Paul's dog Clem finds it and now the dog can talk! Clem gives the ring back to Paul, and now Paul, who has been picked on by a neighborhood bully for years, discovers he can fly!  There is so much more to tell so come listen to the ending with us! (pt 3 story in voice).

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