TUESDAY 28 Feb at 7pm: "The Rules of Civility" (pt 2) with Derry

Think F.Scott Fitzgerald...Set during the hazy, enchanting, and martini-filled world of New York City circa 1938, Rules of Civility follows three friends--Katey, Eve, and Tinker--from their chance meeting at a jazz club on New Year's Eve through a year of enlightening and occasionally tragic adventures. Tinker orbits in the world of the wealthy; Katey and Eve stretch their few dollars out each evening on the town. Katey embarks on a journey from a Wall Street secretarial pool through the upper echelons of New York society in search of a brighter future. Elegant and captivating, this book is a love letter to a great American city at the end of the Depression.  Story in voice. (pt 2 of 3)

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