TUESDAY 31 January at 7pm: "The Eyes of Kid Midas" (pt 2) with Gyro Muggins

"The Eyes of Kid Midas" by Neal Shusterman.
Kevin, a shrimpy 7th grader on a school camping trip, decides to sneak out at night to climb the legendary Divine Peak.  With the school bully, Bertram, harassing him all the way they both reach the top and find ... a pair of sunglasses.  Kevin's glasses have been broken by Bertram.  He puts on the sunglasses and amazingly, he can see clearly.  During a scuffle back at the base of the mountain, Bertram inexplicably follows Kevin's advice to "go jump in the lake."  Various other things happen, all related to random comments made by Kevin.  Find out what causes all of these events when Gyro shares this story in voice!
(pt 2)

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