Thursday January 26th at 9pm: "Legends of Hawaii"

Native Hawaiian Storyteller Lani Ka Mehameha graces the Seanchai Library tonight with tales directly from the islands!
Lani has been bringing Live Voice storytelling to SecondLife for more than six years now. Her voice has been called “hypnotic” and “lilting” and “captivating”. Her writing fuses English and Hawaiian with the sounds of chants and the blending of narrative styles of both worlds. She has presented legends, chants, her stories and poetry in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and the Continental United States. She grew up in Hawaii surrounded by classical western and Hawaiian music, art and culture. She speaks French, Hawaiian and English. She has done graduate studies in Hawaiian in the Hawaiian language. As an avid supporter of sovereignty she has lent her support through her voice in song, story and speech to the perpetuation and preservation of her culture.

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