TUES 10 January at 7pm: "The Second Weyr" (pt 2) a Tribute to Anne McCaffrey

Along with many, many tales, one of Anne McCaffrey's most famous creations are the Dragons of Pern. Tonight, Bear Silvershade  & Derry McMahon honour the memory of the beloved writer, who passed away on Nov. 21, 2011, with the second of a two-part reading of her short story, "The Second Weyr".

Tonight, young queen dragonrider Torene leads the establishment of another community in a crater far to the north and east, named Benden Weyr for the Pern colony's founder and leader Admiral Paul Benden.  Torene's queen dragon rises to mate for the first time, and who she mates with decides who shall serve as the Weyrleader of the new Benden Weyr.  Story in voice.

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