URCHINS in Dickens' London

THIS YEAR, the Dickens Project invites you to participate in a new way:

Become an urchin in Dickens' London!

Charles Dickens, ever a champion of children, wrote stories about those who were poor and unprotected, left in the hands of the manipulative and cruel.

His child characters are often triumphant, finding ways to build lives of purpose and sometimes even happiness in a difficult time.

What was it like to be a child in Victoria's England? Become an urchin and find out!

What Is This?

It's a game that combines elements of the SL hunt, free form (and optional) role play, and an invitation to create (and share) your story.

Begin by getting a copy of the Urchins hud, available at the Dickens Project. Inside the package, you'll find instructions on how to get started.

Three Branches to the Urchins Experience

The Game : Wear the hud to participate in a variety of experiences that will be invisible to others. As always in Second Life, when in doubt, click on stuff!

An urchin avatar is not required to play, but definitely encouraged. When you pick up the package for with the urchin hud, there are suggestions on how to set up a low cost urchin "outfit."

As a poor urchin, you need food and money. The grocers, the bakers, the butchers all have food. Can you buy some? Maybe steal some?

You might see the gleam of coins on the street. Can you pick those up? 

If you ring a shop bell, the owner might have a job for you. Maybe down on the mudflats, treasure might be hiding.

How does this game work? For more information, go to the Game page.
If you get stuck (and I mean really stuck), go to the Clues page.

Role Play : The Dickens Project has been built around the story tours for A Christmas Carol, the Big Read, and guest performances. We have encouraged visitors to wear Victorian dress.

This year, we take the next step and invite free form and optional role play.

If you get the Urchin hud to play the game AND you create an urchin outfit, we invite you to interact with other urchins and visitors. If you get a role play response, play on! If not, let it go and find someone interested.

If you are a visitor to the Dickens Project and see an urchin, we invite you to interact. Being in Victorian dress and developing a persona for yourself will help. This is not required but can be fun. Remember, urchins were on their own in a hard world. They are not all angels!

For more information about role play, go to the Role Play page.

Write a Story : Seanchai Library brings stories to life! You are invited to create an urchin story.

Where did your urchin come from? Why are you on your own, finding your way in a city that cares little for you? What happens to you?

We will be sharing stories on the Dickens Project blog page and in a special reading event in Second Life. Contact Aoife Lorefield inworld for details on how to participate.

Looking for background on life in Dickens' London? Go to the Story page

And stories written by urchins will appear on a special Story page.

Questions? The Urchins in Dickens London is a creation of Aoife Lorefield. Contact her in Second Life or at aoifelorefield@gmail.com for more information.

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