TUESDAY, August 18th: Stories, Music, and Poetry in The Glen - Two Sessions

 @ NOON: Russell Eponym, Live!

Join Russell's weekly performance at our beautiful outdoor gathering space for an hour of 100% live and unplugged acoustic music and spoken word.  Russell will be presenting original and traditional songs, instrumental pieces and covers, together with some selected poems. Folk Baroque and Beyond.

Presented on Stream.

@ 7PM: Fireside with Bear
Bear Silvershade is back at Seanchai to share a few favourite short stories, starting with The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery. Like all Canadian Literature, it is a little sad, a little funny, introspective and lighthearted, yet strangely engaging. Then it's time for a trip to Quebec cottage country with Stu McLean's Dave and Morley. And, contrary to what some ne'er-do-wells say about Canadian literature, there is nothing sad or introspective about this lighthearted little story. Well, except for Jean-Francois.

Presented in Voice.

Both sessions:

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