TUESDAY, January 14th at 7pm: CUTTING CORNERS with Ktadhn

Ktadhn Vesuvino reads a short story by Sharon lee and Steve Miller, set in their Liaden Universe®.

Therny Chirs, cargo master and  – certification allowing – a Third Class pilot – does not have a particularly happy lot. Signed aboard the cargo hauler Fringe Runner, operated by the skinflint Captain Jad, Chirs finds himself becoming a jack of all trades – cargo master, engineer and general fixer, with or without certification, on a ship that is so far past recognized periods of refit / overhaul, its name might well be “cutting corners” – an act generally frowned upon when it comes to operating in the cold and impersonal realm of space.
However, the current issue on the Fringe Runner isn’t one to be solved easily. It really requires a certified engineer – or at least time spent shunting stuff around from outside, which itself would require a dock pilot. Neither option is liable to by something Jad will pay for. Fortunately, Chirs has his Third Class pilot’s rating; only it’s dated, and the local Guild require he take a re-certification test. But is it really just a test, or is something else going on? (Summary courtesy of Inara Pey)
Ktadhn Vesuvino live on stream.

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