TUESDAY, November 5th at 7pm: WHAT'S COOKIN'? - Favorite Food Stories & Recipe Exchange

We start this short celebration of food in literature with an eating contest, and one of the great American storytellers: Damon Runyon

"It is agreed that they must eat with knife, fork or spoon, but speed is not to count, and there is to be no time limit, except they cannot pause more than two consecutive minutes at any stage, except in case of hiccoughs. They can drink anything, and as much as they please, but liquids are not to count in the scoring . . . The losing side is to pay for the food, and in case of a tie they are to eat it off immediately on ham and eggs only.

~ from Damon Runyon's short story "A Piece of Pie"

Caledonia presents Runyon's "consuming" tale and more,  live on Stream.  Bring your favorite recipes to share, on note card! 

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