TUESDAY, August 13th at 7pm: WORDS & MUSIC - On The Wind

What do you do with a poem that is too long to read at most open microphone events? Expand it into a complete event!

In March of 1984 Ktadhn wrote a set of very short stories for a friend. They were the first of their kind, and everything he'd written since, including poems, has a few rootlets leading back there. The stories were little scenes that burned in his memory, and he wanted to bring them to some kind of new life in words.

"Stories on the Wind" was sparked by the theme of Wind, chosen by people at the Rosehaven open mic for the following week. Kt has many memories of windy days, including one he'd written about in the 1984 stories. That memory joined others in what became a suite of nine poems.

Recently reminded of it by a comment from a friend, Kt has taken another look at the poems, spent time with them, and rewritten everything - adding a tenth vignette and some well considered musical intervals to create a celebration of air and motion.

Ktadhn Vesuvino with poetry and music, live on stream.

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