WEDNESDAY, May 8th at 7pm: Meet MIDSUMMER on LEA 2

A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of Shakespeare's most enchanting plays and now also an LEA project created by Aoife Lorefield.

Tonight, Aoife offers a tour of her Midsummer Night's creations, with an eye to sharing her plans for song and story on the sim. Midsummer has just opened, is still in its final construction stages, and offers a variety of opportunities for the Seanchai Community.

Visit the Astrologer's Tower, the Inn of Infinite Dreams, and the Faerie Hall. Explore the workshop where the rude mechanicals craft their play and the stage where they present it. Wander through the gardens.

If you love listening to stories, there will be readings throughout May and June. And if you love to write, read, sing, or otherwise perform, there are opportunities here as well!

The tour, replete with bits of Shakespeare and random poems, will last an hour. Please feel free to stay and explore. And if you do have ideas about performance, stay and talk with Aoife!

Teleport from Seanchai on Holly Kai (there will be a panel there) or meet us at

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