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This week, we make our annual odyssey to Fantasy Faire in support of Relay for Life.  We are pleased to share that the Seanchai Library community has collected over L$75,000 to be used as matching funds for event challenges at Fantasy Faire.  Thank you everyone for embracing this idea and making it flourish so far beyond what we imagined.  We'll have more to share on this later.

All Seanchai session at The Faire will take place at the Faire's LitFest home region of Trollhaugen, in the Trollmoth event space.

*MONDAY, April 22nd, at 7pm:  SELECTIONS FROM THE WORKS OF URSULA Le GUIN. Gyro Muggins presents selected excerpts from two different works by the late author. In “Left Hand of Darkness” a human envoy arrives on the planet known as Gethen aka “Winter.” In “The Lathe of Heaven” a battle of wits ensues between a psychiatrist and a patient with psychic dream powers.

*TUESDAY, April 23rd at 7pm: NOTHING BUT TROLLS! from Neil Gaiman to J.K. Rowling, as well as more traditional adventures, Caledonia presents a troll's eye perspective, live on stream.

*WEDNESDAY, April 24th at 7pm:  AN URSULA Le GUIN CELEBRATION. Seanchai Library celebrates the work of the late Ursula K.Le Guin with two stories from her vast canon of works: “CatWings” and “The Rule of Names”. 

*THURSDAY, April 25th at 7pm: HALLOWEEN IN APRIL: X-Files – The House On Hickory Hill, with Shandon and Caledonia. (Also in Kitely!  Find teleport from the main Seanchai World

The Gacha Garden on "Celestial Plain"  - one of the other sources of matching
funds for use at Fantasy Faire events.

All sessions held at the Seanchai Library in Second Life unless otherwise indicated. 
Schedule subject to change, because that is just how life rolls sometimes.  

All sessions at the Seanchai Library are offered free to all Residents.  Have questions? Send a notecard to Caledonia Skytower

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