WEDNESDAY, September 12th at 7pm: ROLL IT! An Original Story

Image "Psychedelic Rose" by Pennie Gibson
About the story, "Roll It!":

"There are many opinions on where ideas come from. Take your pick. I'm more interested in the process through which an idea makes its way into the outside world. And then... what happens after the idea becomes tangible?

"Time is a fixed resource. Mass requires work. The wheel is a lever that can move time around. "Roll It!" is an exploration of idea, process and implications, 20 years of experience collected, distilled and condensed into an hour.

"The spoken story will be accompanied by photographs on a large screen, and this time I will remember how to use it. The visual show is an adjunct designed to work in parallel with the spoken story.

"Write what you know. Read what you love. I like this story."

Ktadhn Vesuvino presents his original story, complete with accompanying images, Live in voice.

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