THURSDAY May 24th at 7pm: TALES FROM THE CANTINA - Star Wars Legends: The Stormtrooper's Tale

"The Stormtrooper's Tale"

In a far corner of the universe, on the small desert planet of Tatooine, there is a dark, nic-i-tain-filled cantina where you can down your favorite intoxicant while listening to the best jazz riffs in the universe. But beware your fellow denizens of this pangalactic watering hole, for they are cutthroats and cutpurses, assassins and troopers, humans and aliens, gangsters and thieves....

Davin Felth, a raw recruit in the Emperor's armed forces, is thrust into a situation never covered in basic training.

Book: Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina
Author: Kevin Anderson

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