TUESDAY, April 10th at 7pm: DOON Continues

Corwyn continues this hilarious epic National Lampoon parody  of Frank Herbert's sci-fi adventure, Live in voice.

Lady Jazzica introduced Pall. The Revved-Up Mother eyed him sourly. 

Damn that Jazzica! she thought. If only she had obeyed our command! We send her out for a pound of butter and she comes back pregnant !

"So this is our candidate for Kumkwat Haagendasz," the Revved-Up Mother mused. " What's your age, lad?"

"Fifteen, Ma'am."

"Pall,"Jazzica reprimanded. "You should call her Revved-Uppedness...."

"Never mind." the old woman snapped. "He can call me anything he wants."

" So long as he doesn't call me late for dinner," Pall completed the catechism.

The old woman's eye glinted amusement.


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