TODAY at The Dickens Project - Saturday, December 16th

TWO events today to ignite your holiday spirit, if it is sputtering . . . 

@ NOON: A VERY MISFIT CHRISTMAS - Encore Presentation
Misfit Dance & Performance Art celebrates the season from the whimsical moments to those that tug at your heart strings. Music, dance, and spectacular visuals in motion.

Please arrive early to grab a seat and let your cache load.  Music will be playing for your enjoyment during pre-show.

Join us at the Christmas Past Docks, where we'll dance like its 1843 . . . well, not entirely.

"There were more dances, and there were forfeits, and more dances, and there was cake, and there was negus, and there was a great piece of Cold Roast, and there was a great piece of Cold Boiled, and there were mince-pies, and plenty of beer."

Let your heart be open, and allow yourself to be joyful and merry. DJ Dano Bookmite will be spinning music whimsical, sentimental, and eclectic from all times, to delight your ear, and kindle your holiday spirits.

Teleport to individual locations available at the main landing point.

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