@1pm - TEA TIME with Charles Dickens This week we'll be in "Christmas Yet to Come" in the area the insiders refer to as "Redemtpion Square."  We have more from Oliver Twist  to share, and a pivotal chapter from Great ExpectationsPresented live in voice.

Come a few minutes early and you just might catch the Wootmas! delight of the Raglan Shire Tiny Carolers!

2-4pm - Dancing in "Yet to Come" with DJ Elrik Merlin
In the very midst of the holiday cheer of Redemption Square, we'll spend a wonderful time with Elrik Merlin, as he presents a wonderland of music from his vast resources.

Elrik Merlin has been a Second Life resident for almost 11 years, and a presenter on Radio Riel for over ten. He programmes the station’s Main Stream two days a week, and handles technical aspects of the station along with international music licensing. He also co-hosts Designing Worlds, the popular TV series on design and designers in virtual worlds. He occasionally DJs for friends and good causes.

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