WEDNESDAY, November 15th at 7pm: UNCOMMON TYPE (Change of Plan!)

CHANGE OF PLAN ... we previously announced tonight's session as selections from Robert Aspirin's Myth Adventures.  But Kayden has come upon something else that he's just busting to share, so Kayden presents . . .

Uncommon Type

by Tom Hanks

Do people still use typewriters? Of course they do, and one of our most beloved actors, Tom Hanks, collects them.  He also writes short stories about typewriters in his book, "Uncommon Type: Some Stories".  He loves how a typewriter makes your words permanent. A character in one of his stories says, "Make the machine a part of your life. Typewriters must be used. Like a boat must sail. What good is a piano you never play?" Join us for "These are the Meditations of my Heart" about a young woman who finds hope in a junked typewriter, and "Steve Wong is Perfect" about a guy who bowls three perfect games and wishes he hadn't.

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