SUNDAY, March 26th Beginning at 1PM: VOLUME IX ~ Seanchai Library Anniversary

Nine years ago someone had an idea.  That someone was Derry McMahon, founder of Seanchai Library, which began its life at the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center in March 2008.

Nine years ~ 108 months ~ 3,287-ish days ~ Thousands of hours of stories ~ Hundreds of Authors ~ Dozens of Genres, and over $4000 in small cash donations to non-profits doing good works all around the world.

"We are not large scale philanthropy, " Library lead Caledonia Skytower discloses, "Giving back to the world community through small charitable gifts is just one aspect of what we do. Job #1 here is to inspire people with stories and literature, to enable or encourage them to read and to share the stories they love with others.  Stories are an intrinsic part fo the human experience."

It's a little hard to conceive how to acknowledge such an achievement. The Library looked to polite society to see if there was a guide as to how to celebrate a ninth anniversary: willow and pottery in traditional observance, and leather in the modern.  "That's it!" they cried, "It's obvious! A virtual Chili Cook Off!" . . . and that, friends, is what they will present today in both Kitely and in Second Life.

Dual Video feeds and Local Chat "Simlinks" will connect the two parties, enabling celebrants in both grids to see the other party, and to communicate in local text chat.
@1pm - Chili Cook Off: Stories and Recipe Exchange
                 (bring your favorite chili recipe on a notecard and drop it off at the library
                 before hand, or bring it with you and hand it to Caledonia)
@ 2pm - 4pm - Dancing under the Cook-Off Marquee turn up the 
                  Volume  and dance to the HOT TUNES of DJ Dano Bookmite.

In Second Life (look for the teleport poster to take you to the party)

In Kitely

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