As all Seanchai folks know, Job #1 at Seanchai Library is to inspire people with stories of all kinds:
short stories, novellas, poetry, across a wide number of genres and styles.  Our sessions are offered freely, without expectation of any kind - Just to enjoy what we share.

Job #2 in our Second Life program has always been to raise consciousness of featured charities, going back to our days at the West of Ireland in SL.  Recently, we shifted some of our operations around, and that necessitated retiring the "Bee Striped" Donation Jar that we have had rezzed since January of 2011.  That inspired us to look back at the fruits of Job #2 - five years of charitable contributions made by Seanchai Library on behalf of its friends and patrons.

Since January 2011 we have passed along $5,122 to 17 different charities featured at Library sessions.  In addition, we have also raised over $1,443 for other charities at "out-board" events we have produced elsewhere in Second Life.  That's just what we can track. The actual figure is more!

So the sharing of stories has raised over $6,565 to organizations doing good all over the planet.  And the most remarkable thing about this is that the average donation to the Seanchai Donation Jar is 8 to 12 cents.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us in this small but meaningful effort.

Click here to see our record of Charitable Contributions

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