TUESDAY, October 18th at 7pm: FANTASTIC TALES ~ Visionary and Everyday

Trolley shares selections from this excellent anthology, assembled by Italo Calvino.

From Calvino's introduction: "The fantastic tale is one of the most characteristic products of the nineteenth-century narrative. For us, it is also one of the most significant because it is the genre that tells us the most about the inner life of the individiual and about collectively held symbols. . . . the supernatural element at the heart of these stories always appear freighted with meaning, like the revolt of the unconscious, the repressed, the forgotten, all that is distanced from our rational attention."

A collection of short stories from some masters of the craft that is apt for Halloween.
Trolls has the following in her kit bag:

Honore de Balzac - "The Elixer of Life"
Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev - "The Dream"
Nathanial Hawthorne - "Young Goodman Brown"

Live in voice.

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