TUESDAY, August 18th at 7pm: A.A. Milne's NOT THAT IT MATTERS

A New Series begins tonight!

A.A. Milne had a delightful sense of humor. Apart from being the creator of Winnie the Pooh he also wrote short, amusing essays that he compiled into a book called Not That It Matters

"The simple truth, and everybody knows it really, is that collars squeak for some people and not for others. A squeaky collar round the neck of a man is a comment, not upon the collar, but upon the man. That man is unlucky. Things are against him. Nature may have done all for him that she could, have given him a handsome outside and a noble inside, but the world of inanimate objects is against him."

Join Corwyn Allen tonight as he begins this journey of wit and wisdom, live in voice.

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