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Corwyn Allen begins A.A. Milne's NOT THAT IT MATTERS
Events at Seanchai Libraries this week - all stories told in open voice, all times Pacific Time.

Sunday, August 23rd, ~ at 6 pm - MAGICLAND STORYTIME: A Very Special POOH BEAR PAJAMA PARTY with Caledonia Skytower at Magicland's Hundred Acre Wood Area

Monday, August 24that 7 pm   ROADLESS AREAS follows the adventures of some brave souls canoeing in Minnesota circa 1942, with Gyro Muggins. 

Tuesday, August 25th, at 7 pm  More from A.A. Milne's NOT THAT IT MATTERS with Corwyn Allen.

Wednesday, August 26th, at 7 pm  Jeanne Birdsall's THE PENDERWICKS ON GARDAM STREET with Caledonia Skytower.

Thursday, August 27th, at 7 pm Nalo Hopkinson’s SKIN FOLK Science Fiction meets Caribbean folklore with Shandon Loring. 

Saturday, August 29th at NOON @ SEANCHAI IW: ADVENTURES FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE: "The Lonely"  with Shandon and Caledonia on our brand-spanking-new parcel in InWorldz ~  (https://inworldz/region/Delphi/176/72/36)     

Shandon presented brilliant stories of Celtic Women in Mythology,
 and not the ones you might think you know!

Somethin' really was cookin' in MISS TROLLEY'S KITCHEN

For those who are interested in the book from Wednesday's session, 
STINA ~ THE STORY OF A COOK can be found online on Google Books

All stories in voice and take place at Seanchai Libray at Bradley University  in Second Life, unless otherwise noted. Schedule subject to change, because that is just how life is sometimes.  

All sessions at the Seanchai Library (SL) are offered free to all Residents.  Guests at Second Life sessions are welcome to join us in donating to our featured charity.  Our August-September featured charity is Water for PeopleWater For People brings together local entrepreneurs, civil society, governments, and communities to establish creative, collaborative solutions that allow people to build and maintain their own reliable safe water systems. Empowering everyone transforms people’s lives by improving health and economic productivity to end the cycle of poverty.

Have questions? IM or notecard Caledonia Skytower

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