THURSDAY May 8th at 7pm: CERBERUS pt.1

The Story of Cerberus
Cerberus is a three-headed dog born to monstrous parents, who experiences many adventures, culminating in a tragic journey into the Underworld. It is here that Hades, ruler of that kingdom, determines to keep Cerberus as his sentinel at the Gates of Hell. The three-headed dog ventures into this perilous trap in his quest for the little girl he loves, who has been ruthlessly stolen from him by death. It is in Tartarus that Cerberus finally finds her and where he meets his greatest challenge.

Here is the stirring tale of friendship, cunning, and treachery within the turbulent world of myth occupied by heroes, gods, and monsters.


AND Don't miss LATE NIGHT at 9PM ~ Science Fiction with FinnZ.  Tonight:  "The Insect and the Astronomer: A Love Story"  by Kelly Barnhill

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