FRIDAY, May 2nd in Kitely - Our Preview Story Session!

A Whole New World of Stories!  
Our first session on the Kitely Grid 
Friday, May 2nd!
More stories, live in voice! (All times Pacific Time)

Sunrise over "Seanchai K"
~ Estate Tour at 6:30pm: 
Tour our four sim mega-region home world, and hear about our various themed worlds (cause we don;t already have enough places to tell stories!

~ Ghost Stories at 7:00pm around the Firecircle 
There's plenty of room around the circle for YOU!
 Eerie atmospherics, a sense of foreboding, then the unease, a chill, a shudder, ghosts, terror! Conjured artfully by masters of the macabre - among them Stephen King, Guy de Maupassant, Ramsey Campbell, and Tony Richards, and by literary greats like Ambrose Bierce, Washington Irving, Sir Water Scott, and J Sheridan Le Fanu.

or IM Shandon or Caledonia once you arrive.

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