Tuesday 30 October @ 7pm: "The Whistling Room" with Bear Silvershade

Carnacki calls his friends together to tell them the tale of "TheWhistling Room,” a chamber in a mansion manifests that emits a loud,eerie whistling. He makes an exceedingly thorough search of the roomand can find no explanation but is still not convinced of thesupernatural nature of the sound. That is, until he climbs a ladderand peers into the room – the horror he witnesses there leads him touncover a legend of love, betrayal and hatred lingering long afterdeath.Thomas Carnacki is a supernatural detective, the protagonist of aseries of six short stories written between 1910 and 1912 by Englishfantasy writer William Hope Hodgson, later published as a collectionin “Carnacki the Ghost Finder,” published in 1913. Story in voice.

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