SUNDAY, October 14th @ 2pm: TEA TIME at Baker Street

The last adventure in this series  from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Master Detective, Sherlock Holmes.  THIS WEEK: "The Copper Beeches." Grab a cuppa and a smackerel of something and join Caledonia in the lower level of the library for mystery and intrigue! 

Violet Hunter visits Holmes, asking whether she should accept a job as governess; a job with very strange conditions. She is enticed by the phenomenal salary which, as originally offered, is £100 a year, later increased to £120 when Miss Hunter baulks at having to cut her long hair short (Her previous position paid £48 per year). This is only one of many peculiar provisos to which she must agree. The employer, Jephro Rucastle, seems pleasant enough, yet Miss Hunter obviously has her suspicions.

Presented Live in Voice.

NOTE:  This completes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  TEA TIME will be going on hiatus from now through the end of the year.  Drop Caledonia a line if you are interested in TEA TIME in the new year and suggest a series for it.

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