WEDNESDAY, August 1 @ 7PM: More from "BOXEN"

Come along and join Caledonia in "C.S. Lewis' Attic" for more incredible early adventures including "Scenes from Boxonian City Life," and "Than Kyu."

Half a century before The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis created another imaginary world. The tales of "Animal Land," which eight-year old Jack (as his family knew him) had shared with his brother Warnie, soon developed into the Chronicles of the kingdom of "Boxen." In a succession of stories over the next few years, the young Lewis explored its history, geography, and the colorful exploits of its inhabitants in vivid detail, finally concluding with his Encyclopedia Boxomania in April 1928.

Tonight, more adventures from "Jack & Warnie" as they let their imaginations run wild in attic of their childhood Belfast home.  Presented live in Voice.

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