SUNDAY, August 12th at 2pm: TEA TIME at Baker Street

More Spicy Tea for Summer with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Master Detective, Sherlock Holmes. Grab a cuppa and a smackerel of something and join Caledonia in the lower level of the library for mytsery and intrigue!
THIS WEEK: The Five Orange Pips! A young Sussex gentleman named John Openshaw has a strange story: in 1869 his uncle Elias Openshaw had suddenly come back to England to settle on an estate at Horsham, West Sussex after living for years in the United States as a planter in Florida and serving as a Colonel in the Confederate Army.

Not being married, Elias had allowed his nephew to stay at his estate. Strange incidents have occurred; one is that although John could go anywhere in the house he could never enter a locked room containing his uncle's trunks. Another peculiarity was that in March 1883 a letter postmarked from Pondicherry, India arrived for the Colonel inscribed only "K.K.K." with five orange pips enclosed.
Presented Live in Voice.

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