MONDAY, June 4th @ 7pm: BEGGAR'S DAY Continues

Caledonia continues with Part Two of MJ McGalliard's funny and thougtful adventure that mixes prophecy, wit, and a mythic quest.

Prince Larry is of age to begin the traditional "Test of Kings" but he's keen to find a way to dodge it if he can.  Things are not working out as he hoped.  Now he is stuck as the servant to a smarty-pants slip of a girl on a mission by the King (his father) to find out what happened to Prince Monaghan, The Lost Artifact, and the Shield of Many Uses.  Can Larry's day get any worse?  Why yes! Yes it can!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Author and find out about his book.

Miss Part One (or part of it)?  Want to catch up with Larry, Brishee, Cruith and the gang?  CLICK HERE and visit our You Tube Channel to hear last week's session.  Remember:  it's a live presentation, so it has its imperfections, and you will here Cale pause, comment on, and even laugh at things happening during the session that cannot be seen in the video.  Come join the fun Monday  night if you want to see what those shenanigans are all about.  Enjoy!

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