MONDAY, June 25th at 6PM: The Conclusion of BEGGAR'S DAY

There is soooo much left to find out!  Where is the Shield of Many Uses?  What happened to Prince Monaghan?  What will happeb to Larry, Brishee, Elphane?  Is Percy really turning into MORE of a monster than he was already?  Will they all ever make it home again.  So much to resolve that Caledonia is taking TWO HOURS to present it. 

Come an hour early and get comfy as we bring BEGGAR'S DAY home.

Get a copy of MJ McGalliards first book in E-form and read all the fun and exciting parts Cale had to skip.  Also find out more about the author, and here an audio clip of the episode that inspired the whole story!  CLICK HERE

Catch up with the story to date, or enjoy your favorite episodes on the Seanchai Library YOUTube Channel ....CLICK HERE

Next Week:  Caledonia and Shandon present The Letters of John & Abigail Adams.

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