The Week That Was: Oct. 1-7

Twas a very busy and scary week for the Seanchai folk, especially Caledonia as she got Halloween festivities off to a spooky start with a two-day BOOFest!

Shandon Loring finishes up with Frankenstein (11-10-06)

Crap Mariner (and friend) drops by to read some of his spooky 100-word stories. (11-10-05)

Marion Dragover joins us to read from Here There Be Witches.  (11-10-04)

Caledonia Skytower (aka Toothless) reads from How to be a Pirate (11-10-03)

Caledonia gets on her high horse to read from Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book at BOOFest! (11-10-02)

Derry McMahon and Aoife Lorefieldjoin forces to read The Red-Haired Ghost. (11-10-01)

Stranger Nightfire, always well-dressed for any event. (11-10-01)

Crap Mariner reading some scary 100 word stories ... let's face it, his stories are always pretty scary... (11-10-01)

Alvestra Karu taking a shot at telling Poe's classic, The Cask of Amontillado. (11-10-02)

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