WEDS 26 October at 7pm: "War of the Worlds" Final Performance!

The Martians are invading Imagination Island!

Don't miss your last chance to see Seanchai Library's final performance on War of the Worlds tonight.
Now that they are back home at the Library, the Seanchai crew is going to be doing their best to top their two spectacular performances at Blood Evolution Kingdom and Haunted Fruit Islands last weekend. (Review at Living in a Modem World)
For tonight’s show, another voice is going to be added to the cast. Crap Mariner is back in the lineup, after RL commitments forced him to bow out of the first two performances. His unique voice and style is sure to add something special to this final production.
Welles created mass hysteria with a production that mixed news reports and radio programming, voiced by skilled actors, to replicate the events H.G. Wells wrote about in his 1898 novel.
Seanchai's War of the Worlds features the voices of Shandon Loring, Bear Silvershade and Kayden O’Connell. Add in the voices of Crap Mariner, Elder Priestman, Caledonia Skytower, BigRed Coyote and Derry McMahon and this production promises to be a treat for the ears.
"War of the Worlds scared the pants off people back in the '30s, using the power of voice to persuade folks this was real. We plan to generate that same feeling with our production,” said McMahon.
Seanchai's own Caledonia Skytower is directing the production, drawing on the skills of the library's cast of storytellers for a modern-day re-creation, working from the original script by Howard Koch.
Don't miss this last performance! Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. in Seanchai Library!

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