MONDAY, September 19th @ 7pm: Part I - "How To Be A Pirate"

Poster by Artist Adam Krueger
Author Cressida Cowell continues the adventures of Hiccup Horrednous Haddock II, the son of Stoick the Vast and future leader of the Hairy Hooligan Viking tribe. Hiccup is an unlikely hero being very ordinary to the eye (almost unnoticeable), but he has more brains than the rest of the Hairy Hooligans put together. He struggles to gain respect from anyone. It doesn't help that Hiccup's dragon, Toothless, is predisposed to hypochondria and cowardice.

During a pirate-training session, them meet up with charming "Alvin the Poor-But-Honest-Farmer," who is keen to help them discover the legendary treasure of Grimbeard the Ghastly. After a series of adventures, Hiccup learns some surprising things about himself, and the true scope of his considerable abilities.

Presented live in voice for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

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