FRIDAY 9 September at 7pm: Mystery Cats! at Mystery Manor

Mrrwoww! The Seanchai Library Storytellers present three purrr-fect tales of crime and cats.

Lilian Jackson Braun's charming Siamese SuSu is the first to smell a rat in a chilling tale of two spinster sisters and an eccentric neighbor.

Edward D Hoch's favorite thief, Nick Velvet, accepts a commission to catnap a pampered pet named Sparkle and ends up a whisker away from death.

Arnold, every hungry, gets nasty when anything comes between him and his dinner, even if that thing is an escaped convict brandishing a .44 to his master's head.

Stories in voice, with assorted purrs and mrups, so get your ears and tails on and join us. Friday, Sept 9th, at 8pm, at Mystery Manor.

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