It is the very good fortune of a few of us to see all the edited shots that Bear Silvershade takes of our sessions, and my difficult task every week to decide which to post.  This week, I am making fewer decisions and posting more shots.  Bless you Bear!  It has been almost a year, I think, that we have had the great good fortune to enjoy you many talents, not the least of which is your keen photographic eye.  BRAVO BEAR!

Caledonia with "Random Acts of Winnie-The-Pooh" (7.11.11)

Derry with Part I of "Magical Tales of Merlin" (7.12.11)

Rosslyn Guardian with more Secrets of Dr. Taverner (7.13.11)

Shandon with Part II of Undine: The Water Maiden (7.14.11)

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