WEDNESDAY 13 July @ 7pm: Vintage Paranormal with Rosslyn Guardian

Imagine Sherlock Holmes meets the X-Files!

Storyteller Rosslyn Guardian continues a series of short stories written in the early 1900's by Englishwoman Dion Fortune. Ms. Fortune was a Kabbalistic Ritualist who, with her group, did esoteric work to combat the occult workings of Hitler during WW II. Meditating through the blitz in London, she later moved to Glastonbury to continue her work.

Although she wrote mostly nonfiction, she did write a few novels, very dated by today's standards, but her real fiction gem was this book of short stories."Secrets of Dr. Taverner". The character of Dr. Taverner is a Holmesian fellow who runs a residential clinic in the English countryside. With a background in esoterics he deals with cases the establishment couldn't touch.

Stories in voice.

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