Don't be caught snoozing!  The Annual Seanchai Library presentation of  Charles Dicken's classic is coming soon!  Embrace the Spirits of Christmas!

Info Island International, Second Life – The Seanchai Library Storytellers will reprise their holiday presentation, for a third year, of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol in live voice on Saturday, December 11 and Tuesday, December at 7pm at the Seanchai Library on Info Island International, and Sunday, December 19 at 3pm at the Fruit Island Estate with donations benefiting the Community Virtual Library in Second Life.

This annual event had its beginnings in 2008.  The Library’s home was then in the West of Ireland Charity Estate and they had just concluded their first large-scale multi-reader event – a presentation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  “We all looked at each other and said ‘Christmas Carol.  Why not?’” said Head Librarian McMahon.  The presentation proved to be popular, inspiring annual encore presentations.  “Last year we had a capacity crowd attending at the library”, reported Mc Mahon.

Aoife Lorefield, adapted the Dicken’s novel for the presentation and is the creative force majeur behind the production.  Lorefield’s vision of A Christmas Carol is of a metaphorical carol sung by the entire community, cast and audience alike.  “This year I wanted to get inside the soul of the work” said Lorefield, whose all new set is a remarkable series of changing interior settings that will transport the audience through Scrooge’s ghostly journey of redemption. 

The performance will feature a mix of familiar Seanchai voices, guests, and friends.  Chief Storyteller Shandon Loring will reprise his role as “Ebeneezer Scrooge”, the cold-hearted, tight fisted, greedy man, who despises all things which promote happiness. Elder Priestman will once more lend his warmth to the story as “Bob Cratchit,” Scrooge’s underpaid clerk and father of Tiny Tim. The rest of the ensemble includes popular DJ Spyot Demina as Scrooge’s nephew Fred; Seanchai Librarian Derry McMahon as the Ghost of Christmas Past; the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present will be voiced by Photographer and Storyteller Bear Silvershade; Aoife Lorefield will voice Marley’s Ghost.  McMahon, Lorefield along with Storytellers Marian Dragovar and Caledonia Skytower will provide narration and play multiple small roles throughout. 

All will be read live in voice.  All the performers are volunteers and donations are accepted to support the Community Virtual Library.

The Community Virtual Library is made up of Info Island, Info Island International, Imagination Island and Cybrary City II and provides free library resources and services to the residents of Second Life.

For information on The Community Virtual Library: http://infoisland.org/

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